100 hrs – Advanced Instruction in Medical Massage Therapy


With the recent addition of MMT VI: Physical Assessment & Objective Documentation, Health Matters Seminars now offers Advanced Instruction in Medical Massage Therapy with a total of 100 CE Hours through Six MMT Seminars.

Our students listed here have completed our previous 80 hour classroom training by attending all five 16 hour courses taught by David Morin, LMT.

Yolanda Unzueta, LMT, El Paso 2003
Bree Hieatt, LMT, El Paso 2004
Amanda Rodriquez, LMT, El Paso 2004
Patricia Williams, LMT, El Paso 2004

New Mexico
Cindi Peterson, LMT,  Las Cruces 2004
Patrizia Gregory, LMT, Las Cruces 2004
BJ Shields, LMT,  Alamogordo 2004
Jean Herbert, LMT,  Albuquerque 2004
Gina Paul, LMT, Albuquerque 2004
Catherine Sampson, LMT, Albuquerque 2004
Michael Zurovitch, LMT, Santa Fe 2004

Julia Buck, LMT,  Cave Creek 2008
Selma Williams, LMT, Globe 2008
Charleen Gaddis, RN, LMT, Green Valley 2008
Wendell Gaddis, LMT,  Green Valley 2008
Jennica Brownell, LMT, Oro Valley 2008
Mary Muller, RN, LMT, Peoria 2008
Ray Castro, LMT,  Phoenix 2008
Scott Hurlburt, LMT, Tucson 2008

Kachina Palencia, LMT, Maui 2008
Kamakani Lum, LMT, Honolulu 2008
Jennifer Escalante, LMT, Honolulu 2008
Roberta Saito, LMT, Honolulu 2009

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