MMT III: Thoracic Spine & Torso – 16 hrs


Thoracic Spine & Torso Pain & Dysfunction

Beginning with a review of functional anatomy, you will learn systematic treatment protocols for every major soft tissue condition in the thoracic spine and torso. You will learn orthopedic assessment skills, trigger point techniques to eliminate referred pain and myofascial techniques to effectively treat conditions including:

Facet Joint Syndrome
Intercostal Neuralgia
Hiatal Hernia
Myofascial Chest Wall Syndromes
Costosternal Syndrome
Sternalis Syndrome
Lower Rib Syndromes
Nerve Root Irritation & Compression
Restricted Breathing


Course instruction will include lecture, demonstration and extensive hands-on practice.
Rehabilitation exercises and practical hydrotherapy will be suggested for all conditions treated.

Acknowledgements ii
Course Objectives iii
Introduction 1
Functional Anatomy Review 2
Postural Analysis 9
Physical Assessment 10
Active ROM Testing 11
Orthopedic Range of Motion Testing 12
Review of Techniques 14
Pathologies 15
Contraindications and Cautions 20
Manual Therapy Techniques 21
Sidelying 21
Prone 26
Supine 31
Rehabilitation Exercise 36
Hydrotherapy 40
Keys to Success 41
References and Suggested Reading 42
Appendix – Generators of Thoracic Pain 44
Appendix – Selected Myofascial Trigger Points 45

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